Standard glass lining technology (SGL) is an international manufacturer of exceptional quality glass lined equipment. Here are 5 reasons that will allow you to make an informed decision to switch to their supply.

Total Flexibility

Our standard glass technology offers outstanding chemical, mechanical and thermal properties. The technology was developed in conjunction with the Ceramic and Glass institute of Calcutta – a leading technological institute in the field. SGL technology is therefore capable of handling a diverse range of operating conditions which makes it an ideal choice for batch processing industries and specifically research and development facilities where new products and processes are developed. Furthermore, because of this in-built technological flexibility, clients employing SGL equipment in their plants are essentially future-proofing their business.

High Corrosion Resistance

Standard Glass lined metal provides excellent corrosion resistance to acids, alkalis, water and other chemical solutions. Our technology is widely used in Pharmaceutical and Chemical plants where many diverse chemicals are processed. SGL has developed an innovative app that allows our clients to clearly understand the chemical resistant of our technology for their chosen chemical duty, including its temperature and concentration. The high degree of chemical resistance of SGL technology means that our glass lined equipment will outperform practically all types of metal, steel, exotic alloy vessels including inferior glass-lined technology supplied in the market today.

Ease of Cleaning

In many food and pharmaceutical processes, equipment cleanability is critical as batch cross contamination cannot be tolerated. Therefore between batches production, each process-wetted piece of equipment must be thoroughly cleaned in order to assure product quality to national, international and client specific standards. SGL’s glass lined technology has been adapted to suit current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) for cleanliness, cleaning and sterilization. Standard Glass Lining has designed sweeping curves and contours into their equipment together with a smooth surface finish and elimination of bug-traps to make equipment easy to clean using non-corrosive, low pressure cleaning systems.

A Total Solution

By their very nature, Chemical and Pharmaceutical plants use Reactors to process chemicals and substances at temperature and pressure. This creates a highly aggressive environment which will render all except the finest SGL technology, useless in a very short period of time.

In such event, not only is the plant accountable for the loss of the equipment and the interruptions to the production line, in many instances substances will leach out of the conventional equipment metallurgy and mix with the processed product. This could create a health and safety issue which could create an incalculable cost for the plant. Our SGL technology is inert so it is impervious to contamination making it an ideal choice for all process wetted components.

Economic Value for Money

When operated and maintained in accordance with SGL’s instructions, our glass lined equipment will provide an excellent ‘value for money’ solution for your plant-wide requirements. In comparison to full exotic alloy vessels or other so-called chemical resistant solutions, evidence shows our glass lined technology provides unbeatable cost efficiency.

For further information on any or all of the points mentioned above, please do not hesitate to contact us.