The Quality, Delivery and Service performance at Standard Glass Lining Technology Pvt. Ltd., is anything but “Industry Standard”.

We pride ourselves on business excellence and continuous improvement underlined by exceptional customer focus.

Every procedure we create, every test we conduct and every system we develop is done with the sole purpose to provide exceptional customer service.


SGL has a team of skilled fitters who assemble products with skill and precision.

During the equipment assembly process, alignment, fit and smooth operation checks are performed to ensure the equipment operates 'as designed'.

Flange and sealed port orifice bolts are torque checked using calibrated torque meters to ensure the correct clamp load is applied to the joint.

SGL assembly4


SGL 100% statically test every pressure vessel/assembly before dispatch.

We can also perform a dynamic test of the equipment, before dispatch upon request.

During the manufacturing process we conduct a high voltage spark test in accordance with ISO 2746:1998.

Our continuous improvement culture and rigorous manufacturing/testing regime ensures products of only the highest quality leave our premises.

SGL testing1


SGL take the utmost care when dispatching products.

Glass lined equipment is manufactured in-house to exacting international quality standards including ISO 9001:2008, DIN EN ISO 28-721 and ASME VIII.

Where appropriate, items are protective-film wrapped and mechanically secured to purpose built stands and pallets before leaving our premises.

In addition to the rigorous inspection regimes conducted throughout the manufacturing process, prior to dispatch SGL perform a full equipment pressure test and, where required, a dynamic customer witness test.

SGL products2

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