Material traceability is mandatory for international pressure vessel manufacturing therefore SGL only purchase material from reputable and reliable sources.

We also have strict control over the composite of the enamel powder used in our advanced glass-lining technology, as shown below;

Material Composition Control

SGL has a range of Glass-lining technology for different applications.

Outstanding glass-lined technical capabilities is firstly acheived in the laboratory. We precisely measure and control the ingredients of the hybrid-enamel powder.

Each powder batch mix is created against a specific ingredient control sheet and 3rd party checked and inspector initialled.

A sample record of the batch is kept on file in accordance with our Quality Control System.

Supply Options

SGL glass-lining is available in blue, white or pharma-light blue colours to suit application requirements.

Please contact us if you have any additional specific colour requests.

Heat / Cast No, Transfer

Material documentation and heat/cast number transfer instructions are recorded in the company’s business system against the job.

These instructions are printed on the manufacturing method sheet and form part of the “Job-Traveller”; a full document pack which accompanies the product throughout the manufacturing process.

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