The Fertiliser Industry processes many chemicals that can corrode carbon or stainless steel materials. Reactor vessels, in particular, benefit from glass-lined technology. In these reactors, chemicals are mixed under heat and pressure to promote chemical reactions. Some types of enamel linings can deteriorate under especially harsh conditions, making it crucial to choose the right technology for the application.

The Food Industry employs hygienically designed equipment throughout the process line to prevent contamination in the human food chain. This equipment must endure high-temperature cooking and steam cleaning during batch processing. Large agitators are often used to mix ingredients, and glass-lined equipment provides a cost-effective alternative to stainless steel construction.

Our engineered solutions are used in processes across pharmaceutical, chemical, food and beverage, biotechnology and fertilizer sectors. We customise our products basis the unique process requirements of our customers. We also provide turnkey automated equipment solutions, optimising processes like vacuum distillation, solvent recovery and gas dispersion.

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