Advanced Glass Technology

We are one of the top five specialised engineering equipment manufacturer for pharmaceutical and chemical sectors in India, with in house capabilities across the entire value chain.

Our capabilities include designing, engineering, manufacturing, assembly, installation and commissioning solutions as well as establishing standard operating procedures for pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturers on a turnkey basis. Our portfolio comprises core equipments used in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical and chemical products, which can be categorized into:

  • Reaction Systems
  • Storage, Separation and Drying Systems
  • Plant,Engineering and Services (including other ancillary parts)

We are also one of India’s top three manufacturers of glass-lined, stainless steel, and high-alloy based specialised engineering equipment. We are also one of the top three suppliers of polytetrafluoroethylene (“PTFE”) lined pipelines and fittings in India.

Glass Lining Technology

Service Offering

Our service offerings include design, engineering, manufacturing, assembly, installation and commissioning solutions of pharmaceutical and chemical facilities on a turnkey basis. We also provide turnkey automated equipment solutions, optimising processes like vacuum distillation, solvent recovery and gas dispersion.


We possess in-house capabilities to manufacture all the core specialised engineering equipment required in the active pharmaceutical ingredient (“API”) and fine chemical products manufacturing process.

Over the last decade we have supplied over 11,000 products.

Assembly, Testing and Dispatch

Customized Process

We also have the capability to cater to customized process needs of our end users and to deliver large and complex projects with a wide range of equipment, as a single point of contact. As a testament to our capabilities, we have delivered some of the largest and most complex equipment in India across our product portfolios. Further, we are the only stainless steel glass lined reactor supplier in India with the potential to manufacture up to 10KL capacity.

Customer Service and Support

We offer maintenance and servicing for our products providing an additional revenue stream. These services include equipment inspection, repair, and replacement of components, ensuring customer satisfaction and generating recurring revenue.

Enamel Spraying
Installation & Commissioning

Quality Control

Our business success depends on the quality of our products and services, and we believe we have invested in robust manufacturing and documentation practices. We have developed systems to ensure product quality and client satisfaction, which are focused on providing products conforming to applicable standards, meeting client requirements, and minimizing risks and ensuring the safety of our products. Further, our end customers in the pharmaceutical industries are dependent on the maintenance of our manufacturing standards, quality controls and testing procedures in order to comply with cGMP practices as our equipment is integral to the production process of APIs and other pharmaceutical products.

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