Advanced Glass Technology
Advanced Glass Technology

SGL's glass-lining technology and production processes are the result of collaboration with leading global authorities in the field of glass technology. In 2019, Standard Glass Lining Technology formed a partnership with M/S Hakka Sangyo Co. Ltd. from Japan. This collaboration enables SGL to utilize the latest and most advanced glass lining technology provided by Hakko Sangyo. The result is the production of "Conductivity Glass Equipment" and "Pharma Glass Equipment" that offer enhanced equipment safety and extended lifespan. SGL's glass-lining is available in a variety of colors, including blue, white, and pharma-light blue, catering to different application requirements. The accompanying chart illustrates the extensive product range and technological advancements offered by Standard Glass Lining Technology.


SGL glass-lined vessels, pipe-work and accessories offer benefits such as;

Excellent chemical resistance of glass against acid, alkalis and basic / neutral  organics.

Good resistance to mechanical and thermal shock loading.

The hardness of the glass surface (600 Vickers) provides good abrasive resistance.

The very smooth surface finish of glass-lining (Ra 0.05) and the sweeping design contours facilitates rigorous equipment and system cleaning.

No effect on the flavour, colour or purity of stored/processed products.

Branding improves recognition.

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