Glass Lined Heat Exchangers

Glass Lined Heat Exchangers

Our Glass Lined Heat Exchangers are designed to handle the toughest processing environments, especially those involving corrosive and chemically aggressive liquids. Utilising a Shell and Tube format, these heat exchangers provide optimal heat transfer efficiency. Built to the same stringent standards as our renowned Glass Lined Reactor range, these heat exchangers enhance equipment longevity and ensure maximum production process uptime.

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Technical Specification

  • Construction Material:
    • Wetted Process Media: Glass Lined
    • Body: Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel
  • Pressure Range: Vacuum to 6 Bar(g) / 145 psi(g)
  • Configuration: Shell and Tube
  • Heat Transfer Area: From 1 sqm to 40 sqm
  • Design Standards: ASME Section VIII Div.-I Latest Edition, ANSI-B 16.5 #150
  • Compliance Options: PED, ATEX, and CE
  • Dimensions

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    High Chemical Corrosion Resistance:

    • Extended Equipment Longevity: The glass-lined interior offers exceptional protection against corrosive substances, ensuring a longer service life.

    Efficient Heat Transfer:

    • Optimised Design: The Shell and Tube configuration facilitates highly efficient heat removal through fluid conduction.
    • Multi-purpose Equipment: Ideal for modern plants with varying process and batch requirements.

    Versatile Design:

    • Customisable Glass Colors: Available in multiple glass colors to meet specific process requirements.


  • Temperature Control for Corrosive Fluids: Ideal for processing chemically aggressive fluids requiring precise temperature management.
  • Reactor Substance Processing: Ensures effective heat transfer in reactor applications.
  • High Purity Requirements: Suitable for products needing vessels with high standards of purity and non-contamination.
  • Industry Use Cases:

    • Chemical Industry: For efficient heat exchange in processes involving corrosive chemicals.
    • Pharmaceutical Industry: Ensures contamination-free heat exchange for sensitive products.
    • Nuclear Industry: Suitable for handling and processing fluids with stringent safety and purity requirements.
    • Fertiliser and Food Industry: Provides reliable and safe heat exchange for various production processes.

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