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Standard Glass Lining Technology (SGL)

Standard Glass Lining Technology Pvt. Ltd. (SGL), based in Hyderabad, Telangana, is a specialized manufacturer and supplier of glass-lined equipment. With a focus on serving the Chemical and Pharmaceutical markets in Southern India, SGL operates from two ISO9001 certified manufacturing facilities. These facilities have a plant capacity of 280-300 vessels per month, ranging from 63 to 40,000 liters. Led by Mr. Nagesh Rao, the Managing Director, the experienced team at SGL has over two decades of expertise in manufacturing and supplying glass-lined products that meet international standards and cater to diverse applications. For more insights into our manufacturing capabilities, refer to the Company Video below.

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Mr Nagesh Rao

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300 vessels per month

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Standard Glass Lining Technology are leaders in Glass Lined Equipment supply. We provide turnkey glass lined equipment solutions from Design and Manufacture for Assembly, Installation and Commissioning.
Please click on the video to the right to see our company video outlining the overview of our manufacturing process.

Purpose Statement

SGL are focused at providing exceptional client service by supplying quality products, on-time or ahead of the agreed delivery schedule, and value for money.
We also aim to provide professional support to clients during new product design and enamel selection as well as equipment refurbishment. This is reflected in Our Purpose Statement.

Competitive Advantage

SGL specializes in the manufacturing of glass-lined products including reactors, agitators, dryers, and storage tanks. Their glass-lined steel technology offers exceptional resistance to chemical and abrasive attacks while accommodating mechanical and shock loading across a broad range of media temperature and concentration.
As a turnkey supplier, SGL ensures complete client peace of mind through internal process controls, document traceability procedures, and a strong technical track record. Our comprehensive approach provides clients with confidence in the quality and reliability of their products and services.

Skilled workforce

SGL maintains a skilled workforce proficient in various disciplines and international standards. Through continuous development and training, managed via an employee skill matrix, personnel are appraised on plant safety awareness and provided with appropriate safety training and certification to ensure adherence to safety protocols.

Industries Served


The Pharmaceutical industry employs glass-lined equipment throughout their processes, specifically in the Reactor, Receiver and Storage areas.
Chemical resistance of the Glass-lining is of paramount importance, specifically in smaller plants processing different batches of pharmaceutical products.
Also, in such batch environments, cleaning the equipment inbetween batches must follow strict procedures. For this reason, SGL's products have wetted designs which are hygiencially profiled and available with Flush Bottom Valves, Bottom Opening and pneumatic actuation.See our extensive product range for further details of our innovative designs.

Fertilzer Industry

The Fertilizer Industry processes many chemicals which can attack carbon or stainless steel material. Equipment, specifically Reactor vessels, is typically a place for Glass-lined technology.In the Reactors, chemicals are mixed under heat and pressure to promote a chemical reaction, Some types of enamel lining can deteoriate under particulary arduous conditions, therefore it is important to select the correct technology for the application.SGL's advanced technology has been developed in conjunction with Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute and is specifically suited for use in the Fertilizer Industry.


SGL are a very suitable supply partner for the Chemical Industry as they are experienced at supplying all types of Glass-lined products which extend equipment life.
Glass-lined products are ideal to protect equipment, such as large vessels, storage tanks and pipework from the chemically agressive compounds and process media used in this industry sector. However care must be taken to ensure the correct compatibility of the glass-lining. SGL's experienced application engineers and technical chemical compatibility database can assist in this process.

Food & Beverage

The Food Industry employs hygienically designed equipment throughout the process line, to avoid contamination into the human food chain. This equipment must be able to withstand both high temperature cooking and steam cleaning during batch processing.
Often large Agitators are employed to mix the ingredients and Glass-Lined equipment is a economical alternate to stainless steel construction.
SGL's glass-lined technology can offer superior equipment performance in such applications. See our product range for further information.

FertiliserSGL Fertilizer

Our UK Facilities

Our UK headquarters operates from a modern 5,000sqft engineering and assembly/testing facility based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire located at Junction 35A or the M1 motorway that connects direct to London.

This facility allows Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and customer witness testing of the Standard Group's product before dispatch to UK, European, USA and export clients.

SGL UKSGL UK facility

Our India Facilities

Operating from three facilities totalling over 60,000sqft, we employ the 3D CAD and precision CNC manufacturing technology together with highly skilled assembly and testing workforce to offer a complete turnkey supply solution for all your glass-lining requirements. Recently, we have acquired 10 acres of land in Hyderabad to facilitate our 5-year expansion plan.

Indian facilitySGL UK facility
Industries served
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